LETTNER EDV-Technik was founded in 1994 by Christian und Agnes Lettner.

We have specialized in cluster solutions with external storage systems and serveral operating systems like VMS, UNIX and later Microsoft.

Long lasting customer relationships are the reason why our customers give us confidence not only for enterprise- but also for clientsolutions.

We were certified by our partners Digital, Compaq and Hewlett Packard. Later on we gained  certification  Cisco, EMC ² and other important manufacturers.

Meanwhile, all these manufacturers do not want to renounce cooperation with LETTNER EDV-Technik GmbH and support us with know how in technical and commercial fields.

Each of our employees is part of an engaged company, which is very keen to promote and develop the individual.

We take responsibility, act consistently and keep our promises.

The competence, commitment and entrepreneurship of our employees are essential for our company.

We express what we perceive and set great store by constructive feedback.


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Thank you for your confidence!